Cottage food businesses in Stanislaus County are only permitted to sell non-perishable, non-potentially hazardous items. For a list of approved items, click on the button below.

Cottage Food Operator Permit: Stanislaus County

All Cottage Food Operators in Stanislaus County must obtain either a Class A or Class B cottage food license from the County Department of Environmental Resources. This department is basically the Health Department for all of Stanislaus County. Click the button below to be directed to their website.

Class A License: allows the business to sell directly to customers only

CA snip.PNG

Class B License: allows the business to sell both directly and indirectly to the customer.

CB snip.PNG

Business License

In addition to the Stanislaus County Cottage Food License above, you will also need to obtain a business license, which all businesses are required to get, regardless of size or industry.
The entity from whom you will obtain your business license depends on the city, town, or jurisdiction in which you reside. Access the links below to be directed to your business licensing department depending on where you live.
Stanislaus County (unincorporated)

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