Cottage Food Program

In 2013, the California State Legislature passed the "California Homemade Food Act," which permits residents in the state to produce low-risk, nonperishable foods in their home kitchens and sell their products to the general public. These are known as "Cottage Food Operations" or CFOs.

Recipes For Success provides free classes and webinars for Stanislaus County residents covering regulations and guidelines; permitting requirements; and the basics of managing and promoting a small business. Follow-up assistance will be provided to help program participants navigate the permitting process and access local resources for small businesses. Due to COVID-19, the classes are currently only being offered as a 2-part webinar.


There is not currently a webinar scheduled for the Cottage Food Program. However, you can still access the free recording of our previous webinar by filling out the below registration form and emailing it to Gavin Bruce at 



To find out more about the regulations, licenses, and requirements for starting a cottage food business in Stanislaus County, click on the button below.

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